Grateful and Lucky

These high doses of steroids make it hard to sleep.  I feel tired and want to sleep, but sadly enough my “sleep better medicine” isn’t really helping me enough tonight.  And as I lay in bed trying to relax enough to fall asleep, all I can keep thinking about is how LUCKY I am and how GRATEFUL I am.  A lot of people have told me that Chris and I have been so positive through all of this.  We are.  We decided there is no other choice.  But, don’t be deceived.  We. Are. Not. Perfect.  We have moments where we are frustrated, mad, sad, cry (I cry, he doesn’t), think it’s not fair…we are human.  And even so, there are reasons why I can’t help but feel grateful and lucky.  Here’s just a couple:

GRATEFUL because: 
OUR PRAYERS AND MY DOCTORS SMARTS ARE WORKING!  Yesterday, for the 3rd time, I jumped for joy as I heard Dr. Cheng say he could not feel the lump.  Still immeasurable.  He smiles and pats my back like he passed me the ball and I scored the goal.  I think we did!!!!  We’re a great team.

WE HAVE AN AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM!  Prayers, meals, caring for my kids, cards, gifts, love, etc.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What seems like a little thing to you – a text, a Facebook message, an email, a card, a comment on a blog post – they TRULY make my day and mean more than you can know.

MY KIDS HAVE BEEN AMAZING THROUGH ALL OF THIS!  Their world has been turned upside down and they are handling it better than I could have ever hoped.

WE HAVE INSURANCE!  The bills are rolling in.  And BIG bills they are.  Our portion is high, but when we see the total cost…it’s enough to fall out of your chair.  We keep wondering how do people do this when they don’t have insurance?  How do people do this when they don’t have a steady income?  This will not be easy for us financially, but I know we’ll get it figured out.  What worries me most is not paying the bills, but trying to keep things normal for our kids.  I don’t want to tell them that they can’t take gymnastics, play soccer, or piano because the budget has now become “keeping mommy alive.”  There are also school supplies, new clothes for school, registration fees.  Both girls’ birthdays in October, not to mention Christmas.  Ugh!  Somehow we’ll figure this all out.  But…grateful because one of the best parts of my job is that I can still reach out to people and get a paycheck from home.  We are grateful.

And LUCKY because…
I am young and my body is strong.  I look around the lab, the breast care center, the chemo room, and see people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  I was saddened on my 2nd round of chemo which also happened to be the first day I got MY good news that my tumor had shrunk.  I went up to the Day Hospital for chemo on cloud 9, only to see a man donating a bunch of magazines.  He was saying goodbye and telling the registration ladies that this particular day was their last time.  His mom would be going to hospice.  She had fought a hard battle and it was time to try something else.  Big reality check.  On any given day, some people get good news and some people get bad news.

Chris and I talk a lot about how wonderful it will be, God willing, when doctors can just say “You’ve got cancer.  It’s ok.  Here’s your shot or here’s the medication you need to take.”  Boom.  Done.  Gone.

In that spirit of someday swallowing a single pill to rid the cancer, don’t forget my THINK PINK Lip Gloss Drive ends JULY 31 (which is today or tomorrow, depending on when you are reading this.)  25% of the sale of each lip gloss is going to the Froedert Cancer Center where I am being treated so these doctors who are doing continual research can take us closer to that step.  But, you know what you might not realize, (in the spirit of being a little selfish here) is that all of my become sales helps my family pay the bills too.  This is my job and this is where I get my paycheck.  If you’re up for checking out a little bit more of the line…I’m not going to stop you.  In fact, let me know so I can get you samples or give suggestions.  🙂

So it’s a DOUBLE THANK YOU!  THANK YOU to those of you who have already ordered and THANK YOU for supporting my family too.  So far I have 70/100 sold.  If you are so inclined to help me GIVE BACK, treat yourself to an awesome lipgloss, surprise a couple friends, OR guys…score big points with your wife/girlfriend/even your mom!  Order at Then choose “Shop Now” and “Colour” from the left hand side.  We can all have pretty lips for a good cause!

Here’s the original THINK PINK post if you want more info:

Since I can’t sleep, I’m off to make some blankets for some great kids.
God Bless!
Let’s be grateful together…add some Gratefulness in the comment section!

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8 Responses to Grateful and Lucky

  1. jamie says:

    Thanks, Mary Anne. I’m so sorry your daughter has been on this road too. I pray that she is doing well now. It just amazes me how many 30-something moms there are surviving breast cancer whom I have heard about or been connected with just since my diagnosis. What in the world is going on!?!?! Thanks for your prayers. Your daughter is in mine for a healthy future!

  2. Jenny B says:

    I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share your story with my family, friends, and children. You are an inspiration to more people than you know. Just ordered two lip glosses…That means you are up to at least 90!!!

  3. Jen Goodrich says:

    I am grateful that become has brought us together. I am grateful that I get to work with you. I am super grateful for our friendship. xoxo And as of right now, I’m so excited to report that Jamie has sold 88 lip glosses. She is almost there and the day isn’t over!

  4. mary anne spencer says:

    jamie, i have been following your story here because penny is a friend of mine from long ago and my own daughter(37, married 4 yrs,2 kids 1 and 3)has just finished her own breast cancer treatment as well. i am so thankful that your treatment is progressing well and i will keep you and your sweet family in my prayers. mary anne, williams bay wi.

  5. Sarah H says:

    Grateful for you, J! You’ve always had this positive attitude, and it’s helped me more than once. We have a long history, and there have been times where things didn’t go the way they were “supposed to”, and you always helped me see that things do always happen the way they’re “supposed to”, but maybe differently than we expected. So thank you for helping me adopt this way of thinking. It’s helped more than once! <3

  6. Holly says:

    Thankful that my friend delivered a healthy 9lb baby this morning! Such a blessing in this life. 🙂 keep on keepin on Jamie! I love reading your blog!! Your real, but so positive!! 🙂 continued prayers…..and promise to get my lip gloss order in tomorrow!! 🙂

  7. jamie says:

    Love it! As you can see, I didn’t start the blankets yet because I got stuck on Facebook. Really going to do that now. 🙂 Hugs, Amy!

  8. Amy Coraggio says:

    Grateful that you’re keeping me company tonight–I’m always up past “bedtime,” enjoying the peace. . .and it’s a treat to get an e-mail that’s not automated spam!

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