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Grateful and Lucky

These high doses of steroids make it hard to sleep.  I feel tired and want to sleep, but sadly enough my “sleep better medicine” isn’t really helping me enough tonight.  And as I lay in bed trying to relax enough … Continue reading

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Moving on to the “Easy” drugs

We are DONE with the hard drugs!!
Goodbye, Adriamycin and Cytoxan. Thanks for all your hard work. You can finish up this last quarter and be on your way. I can’t say it was nice to know you, but we definitely … Continue reading

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Have a Great Day

To the lady at the fabric store cutting counter,
I am sorry that you are having a bad day.  It was very apparent when I approached your counter for help that you were less than thrilled to help me.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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The three big kids spent this week at Vacation Bible School.  Being that the theme was country western, tonight they rounded up some cowboy hats and we went for the end of the session picnic/concert.  Ella, of course, being the … Continue reading

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Help Me Give Back…Think Pink!

Think PINK…Lip Gloss, that is!
I am looking forward to Monday…it’s kind of like a Graduation Day!  I will be completing #4 (the last) of the “hard” treatments!!!  I am looking at this as a CELEBRATION and so…I have decided this would … Continue reading

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What Good Really Means

This word is typically described as an adjective:  to be desired or approved of.
I am entering what I usually tell people is my “good” week.  I am finding that this word is completely subjective.  What I used to consider good … Continue reading

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“You’re an engineer, why do electronics not work in our house?!” – Jamie

Because I am an electrical engineer, Jamie thinks that we should have no issues with anything related to electronics. This applies to the internet, the computer, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Iphone, Email and . . . the Blog. The reality is … Continue reading

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Let’s get this Dance Party Started

Today we woke up to breakfast made by the kids (with help from Jamie using the stove). This of course led to a dance party after we were done eating. So that was the theme (Dance Party) of the day. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary to Us

Twelve years ago we sealed our commitment to each other and God in front of our family and friends.  It was a perfect day – the weather was great (although I’m sure the guys weren’t happy about the heat in … Continue reading

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The Weed

The title got your attention, didn’t it?  No, I’m not talking about the kind you’re thinking about.  
Many people have asked me why I’m doing chemo before surgery because it seems backwards from what other women have done.  I guess … Continue reading

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