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Chemo Graduation Day

October 28 is a day that keeps coming up in our family’s life:
In 2004, October 28 was my original due date with Ella (She had other plans)
In 2011, October 28 was the day we closed on our current home. (So … Continue reading

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Scary-Excited Anticipation

This weekend we finished a week’s worth of birthday celebrations.  The girls are officially 9 & 7 years old.  The kids were home from school on Ella’s birthday, and it was a big deal for her to watch the clock … Continue reading

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MRI Results and Upcoming Decisions

Sorry to leave you hanging with this long over-due update!
Starting with the GOOD NEWS!!!!  Last week, we got a peek at my MRI.  Chemo is working!  Cancer has shrunk!  The feel-able tumor is no longer even visible.  WOW!  The satellite … Continue reading

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Parenting through Crazy and Chemo

Today’s appointments went without a hitch…thanks for all the prayers and love!  First labs, then dr. appointment, then chemo.  Lab work looks really good, lump is not feel-able (if that is a word) and I am responding great, according to … Continue reading

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October Celebrations

Happy October!!!  We have so many celebrations in our family during this month, and this year, we’re adding on a few more!
Happy Birthday month to Ella (turning 9 on Oct 17), and Abby (turning 7 on Oct 25)!
Happy Fall weather!
Happy … Continue reading

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