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Ultrasound Update

I am SO happy to report GREAT news!  The ultrasound went smoothly.  There was just one small pocket of fluid that could be seen.  They called Dr. H. right away, described it, and he did not ask them to aspirate … Continue reading

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Another Bump in the Road

Today has been a bumpy one. The Home Health nurses came this morning to get my labs. No blood return from my port. They had me lay on the couch. Nothing. I couldn’t do all the arm gymnastics I did … Continue reading

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Day 1 Successs/Merry Christmas Eve

Yesterday was my first full day home – YAY!  So far, so good.  The doctors have told me over and over (because I’ve asked over and over) that there is nothing I did or didn’t do to get this infection. … Continue reading

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Home Again Home Again

I am HOME!  Similar plan as last time, with the new instructions being that I receive an IV antibiotic every day for 3o minutes which will be given through my port.  Most likely for the next four weeks.  At some point … Continue reading

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Looking Up

Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry, right? After my morning post I talked to Chris. He sounded concerned and frustrated that I was in so much pain. Called my mom and thus began the waterworks so she … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Part 2

Chris was with me on Friday morning. Had breakfast. Had the parade of doctors. Mom and the boys stopped over to drop a few things off since we landed here completely unprepared. They had a fun time sitting at the … Continue reading

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The Unexpected

Wow! Perhaps I jinxed myself, because aside from the soreness of PT, I was riding high on the rollercoaster of things going very well physically. Chris did a great job of updating our whirlwind of a Thursday and I … Continue reading

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Out of surgery

Jamie’s out of surgery and in the hospital room.  As mentioned in the previous post, the doctor flushed and replaced the tissue expander.  He said the tissue looked fine but definitely could see the infected area and fluid.  They took … Continue reading

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Back to surgery :(

So the ultrasound doctor aspirated and examined the fluid.  It was “murky”; therefore, there is an infection.
Jamie’s back in surgery.  Dr. Hijjawi is going to remove the tissue expander, flush the area, and insert a new tissue expander.  Surgery should … Continue reading

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At the hospital for an unscheduled ultrasound, and Jamie will be admitted for at least one night.
Yesterday (Wednesday), Jamie started to feel nauseousness, chills, fever, and a headache.  She was able to see a nurse in Dr. Hijjawi’s office this … Continue reading

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