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M & M

Tonight I got a note from Abby in our M & M book. I have one of these books with each Ella and Abby. It stands for “Mom and Me.” The idea hit me a year ago Christmas when Ella … Continue reading

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Update on pinkness

Jamie was able to see the nurse at Dr. Hijjawi’s office today for the pinkness/redness that is on the left side.  Nurse Amanda did acknowledge that it was pink and swollen.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it was … Continue reading

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What is the pink?

I never know when it’s time to panic or time to wait it out…that is NOT one of my strengths, because I tend to be a panicker.  This morning, I noticed the underside of my left breast (infection breast) had … Continue reading

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Win the War

It is kind of crazy the way our minds work and how certain situations or memories can resurface old feelings. I’ve been rather anxious this week, and last week too actually. It was three weeks ago today that I had … Continue reading

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Enough Already

Can’t sleep…hips hurt, back hurts, foobs hurt (did you know that’s the technical name given by the BC Sistas* for “fake post-mastectomy boobs”?) and can’t get totally comfortable because one drain is still in. I haven’t slept in my … Continue reading

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