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What Is In The Way

Yesterday, Mom and I went to a women’s retreat at church called First Fruits.  It’s held monthly and is WONDERFUL.  There is coffee, tea, and snacks.  A place to sit and journal, read, pray.  We begin with beautiful music and … Continue reading

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Brighter Days

Many people have been checking in to see how I’m doing.  The truth is, I feel awesome!  I felt a zillion times better the day after surgery than I have felt in months.  Months!  True, going through another surgery, losing … Continue reading

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Home Again

Surgery went well, according to Dr. H. I got “power washed” again because he saw what looked like a small infection. Since that is a blast of whatever medicinal liquid he uses directly on my chest muscles, I will probably … Continue reading

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Time to recover

Jamie got out of surgery around 10:00. She’s been in recovery, gotten up out of bed, and is now sitting in a chair. She can leave when she is ready.
She was in considerable pain until the pain meds kicked … Continue reading

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Surgery Scheduled

I scored!  6:15 am arrival; 8:15 am surgery.  Let’s “get er done!”  No waiting around in the morning getting nervous.  Woohoo!
Dinner is done (thanks, Mom!)  Homework is done.  Tonight we are going to enjoy a little family time.  Ella has … Continue reading

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Tissue Expander = 2; Jamie = 0

It got me. Again. The left tissue expander has officially won our little war.  Isn’t it ironic that the left was my healthy side?  The right (cancer side) is happy and wonderful.  First the left gave me the infection surgery … Continue reading

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Pink, Poking, and Trying to Heal

I ran into my friend Jennifer at church on Sunday and she asked how I was. I gave her the “I’m doing ok…just trying to heal after the 2nd surgery” schpele. She reminded me that she is praying for me … Continue reading

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