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CT Results

Not the news we were hoping for.  But also not a surprise.  Eli has typhlitis.  There is inflammation in his bowel.  This will be treated with antibiotics, fluids, IV nutrition to allow “gut rest” to continue, pain medication to keep him … Continue reading

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Post Chemo Hospital Stay

After spending Friday getting platelets, Saturday in the ER due to medication error and sticky lines, on Sunday very early in the morning, Eli was admitted for fever/low counts. Looks like he’ll be here for a bit as we figure … Continue reading

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Chemo 5

48 hours after coming home from surgery, we are back here at CHW for Chemo round 5.
The good news: Eli’s surgery went really well so everyone (surgery & oncology) felt that he is strong enough to begin chemo today. Just … Continue reading

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