An Unexpected Hospital Stay

Just wow. “We can do hard things” is the mantra that was running though my head most of this afternoon/evening. Chris & I took Eli to his weekly clinic visit only to find out his counts (platelets and white cells) were basically as low as they can go. He also had a fever. The combination of those two earned us an admittance back to to the Hot Unit (in patient area.)

We were getting settled in, waiting on antibiotics (for the fever – possible infection somewhere?) platelets and blood transfusion. Suddenly…Eli got a nosebleed. Luckily my mom had just stopped by with “stuff” for us as we prepare for a few days back in the hospital. As it turned out, it was so helpful that she was here.

This nosebleed lasted 3 hours. Literally 3 hours. I spent the first 45 or so minutes leaning over the bed applying pressure. Mom on the other side of the bed giving him water whenever he yelled (yes, yelled) for it. Finally we got smart and I climbed into bed with him for a more comfortable position. (Not really. Major cramp in and kink in the neck/back from all the contorting and holding pressure, catching blood, etc. I’m wondering if my chiropractor does house calls?  Or a massage therapist? Lol.)  Finally were able to convince Eli to use hand gestures for water rather than yelling.

The scary part happened when Eli leaned forward and was coughing up literally massive clots of blood. Of course we were alone in the room. Our amazing nurse  (Adam) had stepped out. We called in a panic for help and about 4 people rushed in right away. He was spitting up huge clots all over me, himself, the bed. This happened 5 times total. Although for the final 4 times we were prepared with a bucket and lots of towels. Chris was at Abby’s soccer game unaware of what was going on because my phone was across the room and we were too busy. Mom finally texted him to come over and he walked in during the 4th episode. We were assured that this blood was from the nose bleed and it was running down the back of his throat. Finally he had the reflex to get it out of his system.

Let’s just say it looked like a crime scene in here with the amount of washcloths and towels we went through from both the nose and the blood he was coughing up.

At exactly the 3 hour mark, the ENT arrived. He looked in Eli’s nose and found the source of the bleed – a small cut in the front of his nose.  After explaining to us the options and plans, Eli had a piece of material inserted into the left side of his nose. It was really not fun. None of it. Eli was basically forced to tolerate me pinching his nose for about a total of 15-20 minutes (per the ENT, to apply the right amount of pressure), several doses of Afrin nasal spray (who likes that, much less a 4 year old, especially when it drops down your throat?!?), and having strange and scary looking instruments put up his nose. In typical Eli fashion, he asked lots of questions and had to examine the tools being used.

Eli is exhausted. His fever is calming down thanks to the Tylenol. He has completed the antibiotics, platelets, and transfusion. (I am so grateful to people who donate their blood!  This is Eli’s second transfusion. First was during his stay for chemo. And every time he gets new blood I just say a prayer of thanksgiving that someone was willing to donate blood that my son and others need.)

It’s 9:30 pm and he is sleeping now on daddy’s lap. I am finally going to eat the dinner my mom brought over.

Today was hard.

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