A New Band of Super Heros: The Cancer Crushers

Did you know that the Hansen family is a self-proclaimed band of Super Heros? Yes, indeed…we are the “Cancer Crushers.”

***The story you are about to read has been floating around in our heads for a few months now.  And someday we are hoping to write a children’s book.  I’ll do the words, Ella will do the illustrations.  Yikes!  Did I really just put that out there?!?!  It took me a long time to decide if I should share this story on our blog…you know, copycats exist and it would be a sad thing if someone came out with our book before we did.  Cry  But, I decided to have faith in humanity and share our story with you anyway.  Here it goes.***

Owen, at age 4, is very into all things super hero. When we first started to explain this crazy cancer thing to the kids, we tried to relate to Owen in a way that would make sense to him. Here’s what we came up with:

There is an intruder inside of Mommy. It is yucky and bad. It is making Mommy sick inside, but it’s not the kind of sick that you can catch. You can still hug her, kiss her, sit on her lap, and you won’t catch the yucky sickness. The yucky stuff has a name and it is called Cancer. It’s right here. (We pointed to the spot where the lump was.) It can’t stay in there. We need to get it out. We want Mommy to be healthy. But, to do that, we need some super-power help.

So, Mommy is going to see some doctors. The doctors are like Super Heros who have the powers to kill Cancer. They are going to put some special medicine her body that is a powerful weapon that only Doctor Super Heros have. It’s called chemotherapy. It’s going to go in through a tube and kill Cancer a little bit each time. Mommy will have to go lots of times because Cancer is strong. Mommy will get tired a lot and maybe even sick because her insides are having a battle with Cancer. We just can’t see it.

Even if Mommy is tired or can’t play all the time, she still loves you so much. And guess what? YOUR LOVE will help crush Cancer too. So, Mommy needs her at-home Super Heros to help crush Cancer. That’s YOU! You are now a real life Super Hero. You kids can crush Cancer with love by giving Mommy lots of hugs and snuggles, being extra good listeners, cleaning up your toys and messes, praying for the Super Hero Doctors to crush Cancer, praying for Mommy to feel better and that her Mommy’s insides are winning the battle.  And the most powerful thing of all is to tell Mommy that you love her.

And then, our resident-artist (Ella) made this picture. It is our superhero family, “The Cancer Crushers.” I”ll explain the details below, because folks, this is not just an ordinary picture.


The Hansens
Coming to Crush Cancer!

Around the picture is a border of pink breast cancer ribbons. Chris is shooting the chemo at the ugly green Cancer blob. There are 16 pellets coming out of his gun. 4 of them are rectangles that the kids colored in red after my 4 treatments of Adriamycin/Cytoxin (because the Adrriamycin was the “Red Devil”  Hell Boy). The remaining 12 are circles that they color in yellow after each of my Herceptin/Taxol treatments.

Yes, it is a countdown chart!!! (Isn’t she clever?)

We all have a “C” somewhere on a cape or shirt for “Cancer Crushers.”  And we each have a special super power,which she has listed at the bottom right corner of the picture.
And in the picture, we each have a job:

Chris (Mister Muscles) is shooting Cancer with the chemo gun.
I (Flexibility) am avoiding Cancer with my flexibility to tell Cancer it won’t win.
Ella (Invisbility) is sneaking up to attack on Cancer in her little invisible bubble.
Abby (X-Ray Vision) is shooting beams out of her eyes to crush Cancer.
Owen (Dash) is running full speed ahead in a full-out attack on Cancer.
Eli (Change into Anything) is spitting fire at Cancer.

My creative little genius came up with the whole concept herself. I think she’s pretty brilliant.

I LOVE that we’re working together as a family to Crush Cancer.

And, you…as supporters of our fight (should you accept) are officially invited to be members of the Cancer Crushers too! Feel free to come up with your own super hero name and/or power. Wink

Yes, we are Crushing Cancer every day though the power of love, prayers, and chemotherapy.
Only one thing is missing from our real-life Super Heros…the capes.


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21 Responses to A New Band of Super Heros: The Cancer Crushers

  1. Auntie Patti says:

    AWESOME idea – creative, inspiring, educational!!! LOVE IT!!! And, of course I think Ellas is fabulous! Of couse I am not biased at all…with her being my Goddaughter and all. 🙂

  2. jamie says:

    Thanks, Tanya! That’s a great analogy…I love it! It was great having lunch and 90210 with you last week. 🙂

  3. jamie says:

    Thank you!!!

  4. jamie says:

    Thanks SO much Penny!!! Love you guys and being part of your family!

  5. PENNY says:

    I am so glad you are a part of our family Jamie. Your inspiration and talent is awesome as well as those extra special grandchildren of mine. A book idea is the greatest idea and A way of helping others that will come out of this cancer experience. I couldn’t be prouder of the greatest daughter-in-law in the world. Love Penny

  6. Sarah H says:

    Love this! So appropriate for your family! And so glad your super heroes are doing their jobs so well!

  7. Rick & Eileen Rakowski says:

    I Agree with all..this book would be a best seller..its an awesome way to explain to young kids what is going on. You have a fabulous illustrator too. Keep our prayers coming for you & your family…a super hero survivor you will be soon.
    Hugs to all of you!

  8. Nicole & John Boland says:

    I love it Jamie!!!! You and your family are so creative. You are all AH-MAZE-ING!!! And I must admit, it is infectious how positive you all are. Love you all bunches!!! And don’t worry – capes are over-rated. 😉

  9. Rosa says:

    You and your family are amazing, J! CCSH! Carry ON!

  10. Amanda Dwyer says:

    Your family is just incredible and inspiring Jamie. Cancer has no chance against your Super Heroes!!

  11. Jenn says:

    Love this!!! Ella’s picture is fantastic too!!! Put a smile on my face this morning. 🙂 And I could hear you smiling as you retold it. Love you, my super-hero friend!

  12. Tanya Siderits says:

    Jamie, I can’t help but suggest that you assume the role of Isis! You may barely remember her or not at all since it was a TV show on in the mid-1970s (from Shazam and Isis). In her normal state, she was a teacher (science teacher no less). When she turned into Isis, she had superhuman strength, could control the molecular density of her body, could make things disappear … just to name a few. She preceded all these powers with a rhyming couplet. (I confess, I remembered about half of this on my own, but relied on Wikipedia to confirm and fill in the blanks). You are the teacher with the volumes of good things you are teaching your kids through this experience instead of sheltering them from it, you have superhuman strength to make it through treatments and the side effects that follow, you are changing the molecular density back to its original state through the lemon water and all the other ways you are taking care of yourself, and your never-ending inner strength is making the cancer disappear. The icing (or should is say “Ising”) on the cake, is the poetry of inspirational words you put together in this blog for all of us to learn, grow and find our own inner strength! Thank you, Isis! 😉

  13. Sandy Moloney says:

    Jamie, you are do brave and strong and so is the rest of your family. I admire your ability to explain adult concepts in a way that children can understand. We pray for you daily!!

  14. linda platta says:

    Oh my gosh! This is the most amazing way to think of this awful desease! I love the creativity. .. you should really write a book and get it published! Can’t wait to meet the rest of the family! Hugs and prayers to you my friend!

  15. jamie says:

    Will do!

  16. I love this Jamie! Your creativity is amazing (as is your kids apparently :))– I couldn’t imagine a better way to explain this to the kiddos.

  17. jamie says:

    Thanks, Nikki! Actually, it’s been an idea floating around in our heads. Now to get it done… 🙂

  18. Terrie says:

    This made me smile this morning. She is sooo creative! I agree with Niki on the book idea. Lots of love <3

  19. Nikki says:

    I think you have a book idea right there. And a great illustrator :).

  20. Dana says:

    Awesome! give them all hugs for me! Dana

  21. Jen Pulvermacher says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! No wonder you’re doing so well, Jamie! Cancer Crushers are on your side.

    Give that girl a big hug! OK…give them ALL a big hug!!! xoxox

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