Twas the Night Before Surgery…

And I am not going to think of some creative little poem…although that is pretty tempting!

Just a short little note before I head off to bed for (hopefully) a good night’s sleep.  We had a wonderful weekend.  I am filled up with love from my family!  I have received so many wonderful, sweet, and inspirational messages.  I am overwhelmed with the amount of people I have in my corner.  I seriously can not believe how many people are praying for me.  THANK YOU!

I feel good.  Really good, actually.  The anxiety and sadness I had earlier in the week is gone.  I am at peace with this.  I am praying that God works through my surgeons’ skillful hands to remove any remaining cancer; that it’s “one and done” with the sentinel node biopsy; that there are no complications; and that recovery is good.  My friend Leah dubbed tomorrow as “Magic Monday.”  She’s right…tomorrow will be the day that I am (hopefully) declared Cancer Free!  (I think some people are starting to call it No Evidence of Disease).  Either which way, that’s going to be the magic we are praying for tomorrow.

I am praying in thanksgiving for all the support and blessings I have received along this crazy, craptastic, cancer journey.  I am praying for good rest for my doctors, nurses, and all support staff.  I am praying for peace of mind and that all anxieties and burdens be lifted from Chris, my parents, all my family and friends who will be waiting tomorrow.

On a side note, I am also praying that MAYBE I will wake up from surgery with a brand new niece or nephew!  My sister-in-law, Dana, is ready!  Contractions have been teasing her enough all ready.  Although I was selfishly hoping that baby would make an earlier appearance so I could fully use my arms and chest to snuggle that sweet little bundle, I will absolutely settle for holding that baby after surgery.  (Provided he/she is less than 10 lbs…which I hope is the case, more for Dana’s sake than mine!)

I am showered and “scrubbed.”  Who knew that this surgery would be such high maintenance?  I was sent home last week with these sets of sterilizing cloths.  Instructions were to shower Sunday morning and rub the cloths on my chest, neck, upper arm area.  Repeat Sunday night and Monday morning.

Now, I am about to have a quick bedtime snack.  No more eating/drinking after midnight.  Don’t want to waste this opportunity!  And then off to to bed.

Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes.   Chris will update right here a few times tomorrow.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13
(Thanks for reminding me of this one, Leah!)

Love and sweet dreams to you all!

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20 Responses to Twas the Night Before Surgery…

  1. Debbie Kusch says:

    You continue to amaze me Jamie! Your gracefulness, your prayer, your calmness are a blessing to not only all of us praying for you but for your family and for YOU! Here’s to a NED report on Magic Monday!
    Hugs, Debbie

  2. Liz Fenlon says:

    Even though it’s snowing, may a beam of sunlight from up above guide you and your doctor’s through a successful surgery and a cancer free result.

  3. Mikki Fattoruso says:

    Prayers are with you for a wonderful outcome.

  4. Kelly says:

    Good luck tomorrow! We’re praying for a successful surgery and recovery. 🙂 –Kelly Lehnerer and family

  5. Tanya S says:

    Will be thinking of you and Chris today. Prayers and well wishes for today and the days ahead during recovery!

  6. paula says:

    Praying. For you and chris and your family as well as your surgical staff.

  7. Jessy Poff says:

    We will be thinking about you all day
    ..praying for a successful surgery!! Thanks for posting updates Chris!!

  8. Michele says:

    Here’s praying for a smooth surgery and recovery and NED!!! M

  9. Bonnie says:

    Holding you close in thoughts & prayer, Jamie. So happy to hear you are at peace. May your surgeons be skillful and nimble and may all your prayers be answered. Enjoy the newest member of your family!

  10. Kristin says:

    Praying for you Jamie!

  11. Melissa Greves says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Jamie!! Big hugs to you and your family!

  12. Briana says:

    Love you, Jamie! Jason and I are sending prayers and wishes from Chicago.

  13. Julie G says:

    Praying for you!

  14. Amy Coraggio says:

    the Lord led you to it, the Lord will lead you through it. . .our prayers for you have been streaming strong!

  15. linda platta says:

    Just remember our Lord will hold and keep you safe through all of this! One and out. … one and out. ..etc. continuing to pay for you and I look forward to a short visit at the end of the week. Love you my friend! Hugs… Linda

  16. Jo-Anne Minoff says:

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow Jamie. I wish you good wishes for your surgery and am looking forward hearing the words one and done. And an early congrats on the new niece or nephew xo

  17. Brwynn says:

    Praying praying praying for one and done! So grateful you have peace and I hope that follows you through the night and to the hospital. I think it’s funny that Leah named it Magic Monday and Hadleigh told you to have a magical day! My Ostrenga crew will be praying for all good news. LOVE YOU!!! You GOT this!!! xoxo

  18. Nikki says:

    Thinking about you and sending prayers!!

  19. Katie Gerstmeier says:

    Sweet Dreams to you as well. You will be in my thoughts all day tomorrow.

  20. Nicole Steffen says:

    God bless you Jamie! Will be praying for you:)

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